As an artist, at the beginning of the 21st century, it is my chosen task to perpetuate the sense of magic that is associated with being alive, the presence of now. Every breath is precious, every moment new. I strive to create an atmosphere that preserves and deepens our sense of living in the midst of a cosmic mystery. To this end, I work in various media and avenues of thought. Synthesizing influences from the past, including dada, surrealism, pop and others. Each piece is an attempt to continue the artistic conversation of the human experience that has gone on since man first drew on the walls of caves.

This mining of the past is essential to the essence of NOW as it is the memory of things that instructs the understanding of the present. Being mindful of the present is the most crucial, because it is that moment that you are living in the eternal that is most susceptible to influence. The experience is as important as the content to me, the maker. It is the content of the experience that is important to the viewer, and in the end, it is not the art that mattered, but the spirit in which the art was made.

  • monk e